Google IT Solutions: How to create oracle listener

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to create oracle listener

Press window+R and type “NETCA” and press enter

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant Welcome window will be opened
How to create oracle listner

Select “Listener Configuration” and click next
Select “Add” and click next, and at this window you can manage already exist Listener.
How to create oracle listener

Type here Listener name as you want. If not then remain as default like “LISTENER” and click next
How to create oracle listener

At this window select Available protocol like “TCP” and click next

Oracle Listener use 1521 standard port to communicate with networks and applications. If you want to use standard port (1521) then click next otherwise you can change another port here. And click next

At this point select option “No” and click next

Listener configuration complete window will open and then click next

And click finish.

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